The Fastest Way to Achieve The Results You Want

Most of us believe that we have to take action in order to get results so that we can feel how we want to feel.  For example, if you want to lose weight, you might think that you need to diet (action) in order to get to your goal weight (result) so that you can feel proud and loving toward yourself (feeling).  If you think that sounds logical, you’re not alone.  Almost everyone on the planet would agree with you.

A Different Approach With Faster Results

But I want to suggest that a better approach is to first create the feelings that you would feel if you already had the result, and then to use those feelings to drive your actions, which will then help you create your desired result much faster. 

Let’s apply this to the weight-loss example I mentioned above. When you start to love yourself and love your body, you start to take the action of taking care of your body, and when you do that, you get your desired result.  Using this method, you get to feel the desired feeling (loving and proud) before you get the desired result, which actually helps you get that result faster.  

Could you feel highly critical of yourself and still take the actions needed to lose weight and get the same result?  Yes and no. You could probably reach your target weight, but it’s not likely to be sustainable.  And even when you actually achieve that result, you’re still likely to be critical with yourself.  Your brain will move on to other areas to criticize because you haven’t addressed the root cause of the critical feelings in the first place.

What Result Do You Want To Create?

This works for any result that you want to create, including career goals and financial goals.  If you want to find a new job because you want to feel more empowered and you think that you need to have a new job (result) before you can be empowered (feeling), it’s going to take you longer to find a job. 

If, on the other hand, you decide to proactively create the feeling of empowered for yourself now, then that feeling will drive you to take the action you need to take, like getting outside of your comfort zone and asking for informational interviews, which will allow you to get the new job faster.  

How To Create The Feeling First

You may be wondering how to create the feelings you need to propel you to take action.  Great question!  You do that by deliberately choosing and practicing thoughts that you can believe now that will create those desired feelings.  

Here are some examples: 

Desired feeling: Self-love

Thought to practice: I am worthy because I’m human

Desired feeling: Confident 

Thought to practice: I know that I am capable of figuring things out.  

This is very subjective, so if these thoughts don’t create those feelings for you, then write down another thought that does. The most important thing is that the thought has to be believable to you now. Otherwise, your brain will just reject it.

Just Try It

Do me a favor: try this out for a few weeks and see what happens.  

Think about a result that you’d love to have.

How would it feel to have that? Pick a one-word emotion that you imagine you’d have if you attained what you want.

What would you need to think and believe to feel that way today, even before you create that result? 

Practice generating that feeling by practicing that thought every day and notice what happens.  Notice how you show up.  Notice what you do.  And notice how much it helps to get the result that you really want.

Have a beautiful week!



P.S.  The blocks that keep us from achieving what we want in our professional lives are often the very same blocks that keep us from achieving the results we want in other areas, such as finances, weight loss or relationships. No matter what result you want to create for your life, I can show you how to create it. If you’re struggling with some area of your life or career, let’s talk and I will help you through your particular issue.  

How to Make Decisions That Will Help You Get What You Want

There’s a saying that goes something like this: To get something you’ve never had, you’ve got to do something you’ve never done. That’s absolutely true but I would argue that there’s a lot more to it than that. You’ve also got to think differently than you’ve been thinking, believe differently than you’ve been believing, and make decisions differently than you’ve made them in the past.

Decisions are really just thoughts and beliefs combined with action (or sometimes inaction).

To get different results, it’s worth taking a look at how you’re currently making your decisions.

Decision-Making From Your Past Versus From Your Future 

Once we have established ourselves in our careers, the most obvious way to make decisions is to look backwards, at what has worked or not worked in the past.  

The problem with this method is that it can be incredibly limiting when we’re trying to create something new or different. Making decisions as the person you have been, instead of the person you want to be, can leave you feeling clueless about what to do next.

Thankfully, there’s an alternative. It requires a little bit of imagination and also being open to the possibility that you can achieve what you want. It also requires using the uniquely human part of your brain that is called the prefrontal cortex. It’s what allows you to envision something that does not yet exist, create a plan, and then take action to move you forward.

Go To The Place Where You Already Have Your Desired Result 

The key to getting what you want is making decisions as the person who has already achieved your desired results.

Imagine already having exactly what you want.  

Imagine having the job, house, money, or book deal that you want.

Imagine being calm, confident, collected, organized–or however you wish you were showing up in your life.

Imagine actually being that person.  Inhabit that space for a while in your mind.  What would your days be like? What would your weeks be like?

Then ask that version of yourself:  What should I do next to get closer to that result?  

Would that version of you tell you to watch Netflix or work on your manuscript? Does she want you to avoid looking for a new job or commit to finding something you’ll love? Does she want you to avoid looking at your finances or finally take control of them?

Belief Comes Before Results 

Stepping into that next version of yourself requires you to adopt a new belief system about what’s possible for you and then take action from that place, not from where you are now.

I had a client who wanted to present her research at conferences in her field, but she was terrified of public speaking.  She had presented her ideas to peers before at conferences and had one experience of freezing up on stage that had made her want to avoid repeating the experience.  She was making the decision to avoid taking action because she was convinced that she wouldn’t be able to handle another experience like that.

But part of her knew that she didn’t want to spend the rest of her career hiding.  She had ideas and research that she wanted to share.  And she realized that not sharing was not doing anyone any favors. It was not helping others in her field or patients who could benefit from her research. And it definitely was not helping her to have the career she wanted.

During a coaching session, I invited her to step into her Future Self, the part of her that already knows how to successfully present her ideas.  What would her Future Self tell her to do?  

The answer was clear and unequivocal: “Apply to present at the conferences.  Put your work out there and share it with the world.”  This felt terrifying to her primitive brain, the part of her that wanted to stay safe from potential criticism.

But with some coaching and learning to manage her mind, she learned that she could handle the discomfort of putting herself and her work “out there”.  She allowed herself to feel the discomfort of being in the spotlight. She learned that she could do hard things and that it was worth it to create that results that she wanted.  

Had she made the decision based on her past, she would’ve stayed safe in her comfort zone.  But making the decision as her Future Self gave her what she needed to move forward.  

Try It Out For Yourself

Imagine yourself three years into the future.

What would your Future Self want you to start doing today? What would she want you to stop doing? What would she want you to continue doing?

When you’re at the store and thinking about splurging on a new outfit, imagine having that same outfit hanging in your closet three years from now. Is your Future Self glad that you bought it?

When you’re feeling unhappy at your current job and deciding whether to start a job search, imagine yourself three years from now, having a job that energizes you. Is you Future Self glad that you invested in yourself instead of staying with the status quo?

What does your Future Self want you to believe about what’s possible for your life?

Take her advice. Those actions and beliefs are the key to getting from where you are to where you want to be.

Have a beautiful week.



P.S. If you’re struggling with making decisions from your past instead of from your future, I’d love to help you get unstuck and start moving forward. I offer free strategy calls to help you figure out how to get from where you are to where you want to be. I have only a few spots for these calls each week, so schedule yours here.